Agile Marine LLC provides marine knowledge, expertise and professional services to numerous organizations. We are available 24/7/365 to perform Loss Control services, P&I Club inspections, cargo surveys, pre-purchase vessel inspections, Flag State Inspections, Marine Safety Advice, ISM/ISPS audits and MLC 2006 preparations. Agile Marine was originally established in Gibraltar in May, 2009. One of our primary contracts was with the Gibraltar Port Authority (GPA). We developed and maintained a Ship-To-Ship (STS) vetting and inspection program, performed vessel inspections, served as an initial incident responder and provided guidance on bunkering operations and compliance with MARPOL regulations.

In June, 2011 Agile Marine relocated to San Francisco, California to continue providing similar services. Then, as now, Agile provides professional marine knowledge and expertise on a short or long term basis. We are currently contracted to provide ship inspection/auditing services for Malta, Liberia, Marshall Islands, Vanuatu ExxonMobil, Valero Oil Company, International Marine Consultants (IMC) and various P&I Clubs. We have also assisted Steel Mac in Gibraltar with STS expertise and served as expert marine witness in legal cases.

Agile Marine is a member of the San Francisco Marine Exchange and Sausalito Chamber of Commerce. Craig Thomas, President, is a Member of the Nautical Institute (MNI) and the Council of American Master Mariners (CAMM).

In a highly regulated and safety conscious environment, Agile Marine works to provide professional, commercially viable and cost effective solutions for its clients. As part and parcel of our service we understand that risk management is a necessary part of business life. Our Professional Indemnity insurance (US$1.36M) and Commercial Marine General Insurance (US$1M) ensures that our clients' interests are protected.